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Why the tremendous work caregivers do is important to seniors

It’d be impossible (and possibly neglectful) to underestimate the importance of caregivers.

Carers, friends, family, advisers, experts and motivators – caregivers play a number of different roles in the lives of patients, and their impact on society continues to grow.

There are nearly 40 million caregivers in the US; some paid professionals hired by an agency, others are caring friends or family members looking after loved ones. Regardless, they are the super glue that keeps seniors healthy and happy outside of the hospital and keep healthcare in the community intact.

More than just dressing people or cooking their dinner, great caregiving provides an increased quality of life to people who are in vulnerable situations.

Why is caregiving important in senior care (and deserves all the recognition in the world)?

1. Provides companionship

Unfortunately, many of our elders are alone, isolated or both. When the body or mind starts to deteriorate, it becomes easy for people to become more withdrawn from society. Research shows there is a higher mortality rate among people who are socially deprived compared to those who are still deeply involved in social activity.

Great caregiving is also about ensuring that your loved ones or clients have companionship, and a friendly ear to listen. The power of companionship is a valuable way of energizing elders to connect again.

2. Advocate for patients

Not all patients feel confident speaking about their physical or emotional needs to doctors and medical staff or have loved ones in their corner who can do it for them.

Caretakers that have built up a strong, trusting relationship play an important role in translating the information to doctors that they need to know – upholding patient concerns or preferences for treatment when they cannot or will not speak for themselves.

3. Help keep the mind sharp

Exercising the brain through learning and education is associated with better mental functioning in older age.

Caregivers encourage and help patients learn new skills or challenge themselves through tricky games and puzzles, which is fantastic for their happiness and wellbeing.

Some caregivers even get involved in the learning too with their patients making the experience interactive by spending some quality time with an elderly loved one.

4. Help patients through emotional turmoil

From receiving horrible health diagnosis to missing key family events due to their condition, there are many emotional moments that people endure when they’re going through a vulnerable stage of their life.

Caregivers ensure they don’t have to go through it alone. It could be as simple as offering a soft shoulder to cry on, great caregivers provide support and encouragement during some of the darkest days for patients.

Communication is key in the relationship between a caregiver and a patient. It is important to both openly share feelings and remain empathetic to the situation.

5. Ensures physical activity

Exercise is important at all ages to make sure our bodies stay as strong and healthy as possible as we grow older. Whether it’s getting up and moving around the home, or going for a 10-mins walk outside, older adults should do some type of physical activity every day.

It can help to improve your health and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

6. Provide Peace of Mind

To know that a loved one is being

cared for by a great caregiver, gives their family members and close friends peace of mind.

It reassures everyone that they have someone to talk to and make sure they are safe and secure at home, relieving stress and worry from family members who are also balancing their job and personal commitments.

These are just six important reasons why caregivers are essential to senior care, but the list could have been even longer. If this has inspired you to look for a new job as a home healthcare aide in Delaware, we’d love to speak to you. Join our superstar team at Silver Lining Home Healthcare https://www.applicantpro.com/openings/silverlining/jobs

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