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What Happens After I Call a Home Care Agency?

While no two health care agencies operate exactly the same, there is a general sequence of steps that new clients can expect after they decide to make that initial call.  We’ve outlined the 5 steps you can expect when calling Silver Lining Home Healthcare. Let’s start with a fictitious, but very common, scenario:

Mrs. Greeley is a 76 year-old who lives at home alone. She can no longer drive and, after her last appointment with the doctor, she knows she isn’t taking her medication properly. She’s also having a lot of trouble putting on her socks and shoes and almost fell last week trying to get the laundry down the steps. Her son Jason stops by and helps when he can, but he is concerned about his mother’s well-being. He isn’t sure what options he has so he begins an on-line search using terms such as “home health care” and “in-home care.” He is overwhelmed with the search results.

1Jason calls Silver Lining Home Healthcare and expresses that they don’t know what they want right now and just wants information. He’s wondering if he even called the right kind of company as there were so many to pick from. After asking a few questions, the Silver Lining Home Healthcare team determines that Jason has called the right place.
2A Consult specialist sets up a time that works for Jason and Mrs. Greeley to visit in her home and to talk about what home care is, other options that exist, what insurance covers, and budget options. Together they develop a care plan and schedule a home safety evaluation as required by Delaware state law.
3Mrs. Greeley, Jason, and the Silver Lining Home Healthcare team determine that 3 hours a day, 3 days a week will be a perfect fit for Mrs. Greely’s needs. Now it’s time to find the perfect caregiver for Mrs. Greeley! Focusing on personality traits, home environment (Mrs. Greeley has a cat so no one with a cat allergy!), and the required level of care, Silver Lining Home Healthcare sets up initial visits with their best caregivers.
4The customized care plan that was completed at the consult guides the care for Mrs. Greeley. Her plan focuses on dressing, doing errands, going to appointments, and general safety for quality of life. All the caregivers coming in know what to do and how to do it best for Mrs. Greeley. Warm transfers or buddy visits with any new caregiver are provided so everyone feels comfortable!
5Jason and Mrs. Greeley receive monthly calls from Staci at the Silver Lining Home Healthcare office to check in, and Jason gets an email survey every 3 months (since he’s Mrs. Greeley’s main contact). Their nurse, Angela, sees them every 60 days to ensure the care plan hasn’t changed and that Silver Lining Home Healthcare is delivering the peace of mind we promised!

Call with confidence knowing what to expect after the friendly voice on the other end of the line says, “Thank you for calling Silver Lining Home Healthcare.” We’re waiting to hear from you!

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