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You’re an advocate who cares about the end result for every patient you work with. You works crazy hours to make sure your patients always have what they need. You are privy to the unique dynamics of a client and their family. We’re Silver Lining, a group of super passionate CNAs, HHAs, LPNs and RNs changing what “patient-centered” care means. We’re here to make an impact, today, for you.

If you’re a floor nurse who sees a need, an office practice nurse who is handling repetitive calls from patients, or are a clinical liaisons or coordinator working to solve system problems, we want to be your go to. We’re here for you.

Here’s how Silver Lining can help you. 

  • Refer to us fast and easy by email, phone or online. 
  • If you want a follow-up report, all you have to do is say so. 
  • We’re insanely responsive. During “business hours” (this is healthcare, right?!), our main number goes directly to our team. After “business hours,” the call goes to our answering team and on-call Care Coordinator. 
  • We’re a one-stop-shop providing A-Z services. Companion care? Personal Care? Nursing Care? Medication administration? PEG tube feedings? Transportation to appointments? You name it, we can do it. When a client has insurance coverage for what is needed, we assist in coordinating that (either the care or the preauthorizations). 
  • We specialize in high acuity and complex cases, because we’re a skilled medical agency (hoyer lifts/transfers, long term cases, etc.). And our Clinical Director is a Certified Dementia Practitioner.
  • We do the Case Management. Physician discussions, care coordination, assistance with obtaining Advanced Directives–our team does it all. 
  • We work very well with hospices and all staff who are specifically trained for hospice and palliative care.

Why partner with Silver Lining, of all companies?

We’re proven, make your life easier, and provide an amazing customer service experience with reduced readmissions and increased quality outcomes. And we care about our clients holistically, not just their medical needs. Need something to take to your supervisor or team? Download our “What Can Home Care do for your patients” now. Watch our video on why to partner with us (only 1 minute!).

Who is a good client for us? 

We love to say “anyone!”, but we also know that’s a little cheesy. When you see patients that fall into the following categories, think of us! 

  • Differently-abled or over 65 years old with help required for 2 or more ADLs
  • Minimum care needed of 3 hours per week, short term or long term
  • Complex cases
  • Lift assist required (hoyer lift, sit-to-stand)
  • Transportation to appointments needed
  • No/low support system present
  • Frequent readmissions/hospitalizations
  • Poor quality of life/failure to thrive

What’s Next? 

  • Start referring clients easily using our “Refer Now” button on our website, by sending an email to jackie@silverlininghealthcare.com, or by calling 302.724.7902.. 
  • Chat with a leadership team member any time you want. For Clinicians, Chief Nursing Officers, and Clinical Directors, we’d suggest specifically speaking with Amy (RN, Clinical Director at Silver Lining). Schedule with Amy directly on our Partnership page

Here’s to life to the fullest,
Tiffany Rubin, Founder/CEO

See an opportunity to accelerate the health of our Delaware community, together? Reach out to us by using our Partnerships page to tell us how we can help.

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