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Becoming a Home Health Aide (HHA)

Have you always wanted to get into healthcare but did not know where to start? Have you ever thought about becoming a professional certified home health aide (HHA)? Career opportunities for HHAs are growing rapidly. At Silver Lining Home Healthcare, we have experienced this growth first-hand with an increase in both clients and new hires. To maintain our growth, we are committed to hiring and training the best home health aides. In fact, we have developed our own training program that can have you certified and working as a professional HHA in 7 weeks!

What Does a Home Health Aide Do?

An HHA is responsible for several non-skilled duties when spending time with a patient in their home. The client may be elderly or have a disability that prevents them from performing their own care. Non-skilled care includes things like bathing, transferring (i.e., moving a patient from bed to chair), meal preparation, toileting, and housekeeping. HHAs provide companionship and activity planning. They take their clients to the doctor, get their hair done and even go out to lunch. HHAs have keen observation skills and look for subtle changes in their clients that tell their healthcare team when something is wrong. HHAs get to know their clients so well that they can tell when their appetite changes, when they are losing their mobility and when they seem depressed. HHAs must be able to follow a care plan and must have excellent documentation skills. Home health aides who work for Silver Lining are supervised by a registered nurse (RN) and have lots of clinical back-up to guide them through any situation that might arise. 

Home Health Aides Must Be Passionate About Caregiving

Professional HHAs must be empathetic and compassionate. They must be passionate about what they do and truly want to help their clients. Professional HHAs must have grit! They must be able to remain calm during difficult situations and understand that everyday can present new challenges. HHAs must be able to work unsupervised and have self-discipline. This means that they must be able to plan out their care and prioritize what needs to be done during their shift. HHAs must be punctual and be flexible with their schedule. They should possess good communication skills and have reliable transportation. Does this sound like you? Keep reading!

Benefits of an HHA Career

What Exactly is the Biden Administration’s American Jobs Plan?

  • Currently just a plan and is part of the new Infrastructure Bill
  • $400 billion to expand Medicaid payments to home and community healthcare
  • Increase wages for direct care workers whether they be family members or hired home health workers
  • Increase job training to add an additional 150 thousand new home care aides over the next decade
  • Assistance for states to boost their Medicaid spending for home healthcare

Some of the benefits to becoming an HHA at Silver Lining include one-on-one patient care, flexible scheduling, and great pay. There is currently a push now from the President’s office to raise wages and benefits for home care workers. The Biden administration has recognized that home caregivers—predominately women of color–have been underpaid and undervalued for too long. Stephanie Armour from the Wall Street Journal states that “Overall employment of home health and personal-care aides is projected to grow 34% from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations. The mean hourly wage is about $12.18, or $25,000 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.” Silver Lining has been listening to our caregivers and researching the current economic climate. We know that to provide the best HHAs, we must pay more. We are currently one of the highest paying HHA employers in the state of Delaware. We are committed to providing the best wages and work-life balance in the industry. We know that happy, healthy HHAs provide the best care to our clients. Silver Lining has also been awarded the Top Workplace award for the past three years.

The Silver Lining HHA Training Program 

We have developed an intensive, seven-week hybrid HHA program. This program allows the HHA student to complete 75 hours of online coursework with 24 hours of in-person clinical practice. The HHA student works closely with the clinical instructor to ensure they feel comfortable and safe providing care for their clients. HHA students meet weekly for four hours to complete their hands-on skills. Topics include bathing, dressing, dementia care and hospice care. Documentation skills and client condition reporting are taught as well. All students are provided with scrub tops and supplies. The program helps students develop professional soft skills such as how to speak professionally to clients and coworkers, time management, dressing for the job, and communication.

Silver Lining will guarantee anyone who completes the program a position with us. Upon completion of the program, all home health aides will be issued a certificate of completion. They will then participate in our eight-hour orientation and receive sixteen hours of in-home training with an experienced HHA or CNA. The Silver Lining HHA Training Program has high standards; lateness, missing classes, and not completing coursework are grounds for dismissal.

How much does our home health aide training program cost the student? It is FREE! That’s right! Our HHA training program is offered at no cost to participants (CPR certification is offered for an additional cost.). We believe so strongly in what we do that we are eager and committed to providing the opportunity for individuals to launch their caregiver career at no cost to them.

Ongoing Career Development for Caregivers

Training doesn’t stop for HHAs after they have been hired. Silver Lining offers weekly mechanical lift training, nurses on demand for difficult situations, and clinical guidance. We also provide monthly continuing education and frequent training on relevant topics such as infection control and fall prevention. Silver Lining offers additional client-specific training as needed. We know that you can never have too much training! 

Eligibility for Home Health Aide Certification

To be eligible for the HHA certification program the applicant must pass a background check and a drug screening. They must have a physical within the last ninety days and be tested for tuberculosis (TB). The student must be eligible to work in the United States and be able to provide all documentation necessary such as driver’s license, car insurance, social security card and any other certifications you hold. We have an in-house recruiter who would love to speak with anyone interested in the program. Alexis will guide you through each step of the journey! Please email her at recruitment@silverlininghealthcare.com or call 302.724.7902 to discuss how to become a student. You can read more about careers at Silver Lining Home Healthcare here or apply now to our HHA certifcation program.

We hope you will consider becoming a professional home health aide. We know that you will get so many personal rewards from this growing field. Being an HHA is a career that you will be proud of. It is a career that is going places and is one that can be your forever job or a steppingstone to the next level in healthcare. Our agency is warm, welcoming, and ready to help you become the best of the best!

Every cloud has a silver lining,
Amy Clark, BSN, RN, CDP
Clinical Director
Silver Lining Home Healthcare

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