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Becoming a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)

With CNAs being in high demand in today’s job market, we thought it a perfect time to explore the vital role they play on health care teams. Are you or is someone you know considering entering the healthcare profession? Are you exploring options for a career change? Becoming a CNA might be just what you’re looking for. Read on!

What does a CNA do?

While you will find CNAs in hospitals, nursing homes, doctors offices, and on home health care teams, the duties and responsibilities are generally similar. They include:

  • Assisting patients to wash and dress themselves
  • Assisting patients to maintain their own hygiene needs
  • Assisting patients to maintain their own nutritional intake
  • Documentation of care and interventions
  • Monitoring medications
  • Taking patient observations including blood pressures, respirations and temperature
  • General housework and cleaning duties
  • Providing emotional, social and physical support

How do I become a CNA?

In the state of Delaware, there are 3 basic requirements to become a CNA:

1.     Complete a CNA training program approved by the Department of Health and Social Services.

a.     The DELMARVA American Red Cross offers a free, fast-paced CNA training program. Students are out in the workforce in just four or five weeks. Click here for more information.

b.     For a list of other approved training programs in the state of Delaware, click here.

2.     Take and pass a written competency test.

3.     Take and pass a clinical competency test.

Silver Lining Talks About Being a CNA:

Dorrina Langiu, Director of Passionista Happiness – CNA:

“I enjoy being a CNA because I get the opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life, big or small. It is a satisfying feeling to know you can help someone who, most often, is at the most vulnerable point in their life. A tip from me: always put yourself in the client or family member’s shoes. They probably never expected to need the help that they are requesting and it can be overwhelming sometimes. Another tip, always be patient. No matter what the situation is, patience is truly a virtue and always appreciated. Being a CNA is not for the faint of heart. You are the front-line caregivers for these people; you will laugh with them, cry with them, feel for them. You will get attached to them, which to me is the hardest part of being a CNA, but at the same time the most rewarding part. To know you made a difference in someone’s life when it mattered most is something I treasure every day.”

Shawna Cohen – Full Time CNA

“I love being a CNA because I love helping people who can no longer do things for themselves. I get tremendous satisfaction from knowing I can put a smile on a client’s face. I am not only helping the client but also the family. They can rest easy knowing I am there and that their loved one is getting the best care.”

Crystal Wright – Full Time CNA

“I love being a CNA! I love helping people, especially the elderly because they often can’t help themselves at this point in their lives. It is rewarding to bring a smile to their faces and know that I am making them–and their families–happy. I also enjoy the challenge of juggling different tasks every day.”

Tiffany Rubin, CEO – RN:

“My eyes light up when I talk to someone who is considering becoming a Certified Nurse Assistant. Why? It was the first step I took in my healthcare career and in hindsight I didn’t know how important it would be. Yes, it was the step that set me on my path to become a registered nurse. Yes, it was the step that led me to become CEO of Silver Lining Home Healthcare. But even more importantly, it was the step that helped me realize how much I truly enjoy caring for others. It was the step that sparked my passion for helping people bring joy and happiness back to their daily lives. So when someone asks about taking the first step toward becoming a CNA, I am excited for them because what awaits them can far exceed what they ever expected.”

Want to Know More?

We’d love to talk to you! Whether you are already working as a CNA or are considering becoming one, we’d be happy to share our experiences, our stories, and our passion with you. Give us a call at 302-359-5661 or pop over to our page to apply and ask questions!

“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step.”

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