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6 Activities to Lift your Spirits

We get it. Like many of you, we’ve had our battles with COVID fatigue. But we’ve also had the pleasure of finding Silver Linings! Here are a few silver lining activities that our team has found during this challenging time to lift our spirits and occupy our minds.

  1. Find one new thing to do each day that corresponds with one of our eight “buckets” of wellness. This is a great challenge that will leave you feeling accomplished!
  1. Crafts! Whether you went to art college or can barely draw a stick figure, I promise there is a craft out there that you can find to enjoy. I got this kit for my kiddos for Christmas and find myself using it more than them! “Craft kits” are all you need to search if you’re online at any local store or bigger store (like a Michaels or Amazon) and you’ll come across cost-effective options with the ability to occupy your mind and fingers for days. It’s great to keep up the fine motor skills. And this 3D doodler is something my son is loving!
  1. Find or create a game of questions! I grabbed this game, took it on a girls’ trip, and have played it with my family! For a more creative (and free!) solution, search online for great icebreakers or questions to get to know people and create your own cards that have one question written on each card.
  1. Choose a mental health app to help you be your best. We’re living in a time where there are so many resources to help us be healthier mentally. Apps like Calm and Talkspace give anyone with a device access to custom resources that help you be the best version of yourself. Check out a list of best mental health apps for 2022 here. Don’t have a device? Consider getting one! A tablet is a great choice as it allows for large text size and connects to wi-fi, ensuring you don’t pay extra for data. 
  1. And if you’re just plain bored, get a job! Remote work is booming and workers are needed everywhere. Research remote contract jobs that work for you, your lifestyle, and your goals. Companies like UpWork specialize in matching individuals and their skills with contract (short-term) “gigs.” If you’ve been out of the workforce for a long time, getting back in can be a little daunting. You’ll need a resume. There are hundreds of free resources like this online for how to write a good resume, as well as free templates! You can even hire a company to write a resume for you. The local library continues to be a great free resource. Not tech savvy? Grab a grandchild or a caregiver and set aside some virtual phone time to talk through what you’d like to do and what help you need to get there! 
  1. Volunteer! Maybe the “juice isn’t worth the squeeze” for you, meaning it’s just too hard to go through all that work just to go back to work. But you ‘re left you’re itching to do something! Volunteering can be the sweet spot that satisfies the itch to do something without the bigger commitment of a job.  Here are 9 places to volunteer online and make an impact! 

Starting a new activity can be just the recharge you need to beat Covid fatigue (and the winter blues!). Let’s do this!

Here’s to life to the fullest,
Tiffany Rubin, Governing Board Member

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